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Care, hygiene and safety for the whole family

The Salus Thermae Pet Health Line responds to specific requests and needs: solving problems of the dermis and sanitizing and preventing bacterial and fungal attacks.

They are certified, tested, delicate and harmless products, but effective and safe allies of prevention and protection.

With SynthAg® Silver, Thermal Water and specific and functional natural ingredients (Camphor, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Argan Oil).

We guarantee you Care, Hygiene and Safety for the whole family.

What is it for?

In addition to preventing, sanitizing the dermis and surfaces, our products are used to solve problems such as:

• itch

• dermatitis, including drug-resistant dermatitis

• microbial, bacterial, fungal infestations

• unpleasant odors due to bacteria

• irritation

• bad healing

• flaking

• nail and hoof problems

Each product has a long-term effect because SynthAg® Silver remains active until it is cleansed.

Thermal experience for our animal friends

It is nice to take care of those we love with cuddles and special attention.

This is why we thought that our furry and feathered friends could also like products that are not only effective but also pleasant and enjoyable.

Salus Thermae brings the Spa and the experience of thermal wellness to your home, even for animals: a good and healthy habit for everyone!

because it stabilized within the cluster

because the cluster maximizes activity of silver

because, after have acted, it is not consumed

as proven by the laboratory tests


the microorganism comes into contact with the SynthAg ions

once inside he microorganism, the SynthAg ions attack the enzymes necessary for cellular respiration

The microorganism dies and so the SynthAg ions, still active, become again able to act in the environment

Result of the antimicrobial activity of SYNTHAG silver

From the results obtained, the SYNTHAG solution under examination has an excellent and persistent inactivating power against S. aureus, E. coli, E. faecalis, C. albicans, L. sakei.

The antibacterial effect begins within 5 minutes of contact with the most resistant microorganisms used for the test.

These are the results of the microbiological analysis concerning the effect of the silver Ag + SYNTHAG cluster on strains of microorganisms, performed by the external “Micro-B” laboratory (conclusion of the official test in the documents section):

conclusion of the official test
Evaluation tests of the inactivating power of SynthAg silver towards Covid carried out by the Laboratory of Virology

Evaluation tests of the inactivating power of SynthAg silver towards Covid carried out by the Laboratory of Virology and Electron Microscopy – Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Lombardia and Emilia Romagna (Italy).


Attack scenario:

The Virus appears, with its tentacled crown shape whose spikes (attack proteins) penetrate with their RNA into the host cell, insert a part of their genetic content into the chain of the attacked cell creating a transmission error that causes transformation OF THE healthy RNA into viral RNA.

SynthAg prevents the virus attack proteins from activating and releasing their RNA, because it inactivates every part of the viral cell (even the lipoprotein membrane).

SynthAg prevents the virus attack


Certifications and official documents