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A Solution for Bovine Mastitis: Mastercow Project


Bovine Mastitis and Economic Impacts: bovine mastitis, an infection of the udder of cows, is a major problem in the European dairy sector, causing annual losses of about 1.5 billion euros. Each case costs the farmer more than 400 euros.

Milk production in Europe: Europe, with more than 23 million dairy cows, is the world’s largest producer of milk, contributing 42 percent of global production. Germany, France and the United Kingdom are the largest producers.

Mastite Bovina e Impatti Economici

Problems with Current Treatments: conventional antibiotic treatments are inefficient and expensive, with negative consequences for the environment, animal and human health. Mastitis causes swelling and alters milk, requiring the isolation of diseased cows and the discarding of milk during antibiotic treatment. This leads to significant economic losses and contributes to the problem of antibiotic resistance.


Need for Alternatives to Antibiotics: there is an urgent need to find alternatives to antibiotics. Ongoing research explores the use of bacteriophages, vaccines, nanoparticles, cytokines and natural compounds.


A Solution

Innovative MasterCow

Mastercow is a bio-inorganic intramammary lavage that cleans and removes bacterial biofilm, improving cow health without using antibiotics. This treatment is superficial, non-systemic, and does not generate resistance in bacteria.


Mechanism of Action and Benefits: Mastercow’s action is immediate and its residues are eliminated with the first milking following the treatment. It is contained in pressurized canisters, which facilitate application. It has a broad spectrum of action against various pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant pathogens.


Mastercow’s Advanced Technology

Mastercow uses technology based on clusters of silver ions, which are known for their antibacterial properties. CNT LAB has developed a unique method to stabilize these ions, avoiding problems of toxicity and resistance.


Commitment Toward Sustainability: Mastercow aligns with global trends toward more sustainable agricultural practices, thereby meeting the needs of an increasingly sustainability-driven market.


Mastercow has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, receiving the 2020 Seal of Excellence, a recognition of its innovation and potential.

Mastercow - Sigillo di Eccellenza 2020

CNT LabInnovation and Research in the Service of Health and Wellness.

CNT Lab, a Clusternanotech Group company, stands out in the field of research and development, focusing on innovative solutions in the health sector. With a strong commitment to combating antibiotic resistance, CNT Lab works closely with experts and research institutes to develop cutting-edge technologies. Its specialization in nanotechnology led to the development of SynthAg, a proprietary synthesis of silver ion clusters, which forms the basis for a wide range of innovative products. This multidisciplinary approach allows CNT Lab to be at the forefront of creating effective and safe solutions for the animal and human health sectors.

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Mastercow is not just an innovative product; it represents a symbol of Clusternanotech Group’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and animal welfare. As we continue to pursue this innovative project, we appeal to all stakeholders who wish to actively participate in positive change in the dairy sector.


The investment in Mastercow offers an opportunity to enter a fast-growing market with a cutting-edge product that addresses urgent global needs.


For more information and to discuss investment potential, please contact us via email: [email protected]. We look forward to you joining forces to bring about this revolution in the veterinary sector.

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Salvalat Lavanda Funzionale

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